Caistor Equestrian Pony Club Centre

Pony Club Pricing and Lesson StructureCheck the Events Diary

Effective from 1st August 2017
1 hour ridding lesson £22
  1 hour practical or lecture-based activity. £12
Younger Children's Groups
  1 hour session consisting of 30 minutes riding and 30 minutes theory. £22
  This is a ridden activity focused on a mounted discipline.
  1 hour session £22
  2 hour session £32
Drill Rides
 These are mounted display work where the duration of practice varies. The very nature of display rides required repetition therefore numerous practice sessions in order to gain a high standard. Due to the quantity of practices, CEC supplement the costs involved.
  1 hour practice session £12
Exams & Tests
  These are a combination of both ridden and lecture components.
  1 hour session £22
  2 hour session £32
Pony Club Quiz
  Pony club quiz £ 8


Dress Code
Full Pony Club dress is required for all attendances and this is:
  • Teal Caistor Equestrian Pony Club Centre sweatshirt
  • White shirt
  • Pony Club tie
Competition attire is to be worn for both the actual tests / exams and for any mock exams / tests as follows:
  • Pale jodhpurs
  • Dark boots
  • Competition jacket
  • White shirt with pony club tie
  • Hat with dark silk
  • Dark gloves
  • Hairnet where appropriate

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