LIVERY - Full livery service

Your horse will be fully attended to - fed, mucked out, rugs changed, turned out, brought in, feet picked and brushed off. Every horse is checked over daily, and a record kept to monitor their health. Any injuries will be attended to as necessary. Good quality hay or haylage is provided and horses are bedded down on straw or shavings. All owners have full access to all facilities and a personal tack locker.

  • Personal stable (American Barn style)
  • All year grass turnout (subject to weather and ground conditions)
  • Hay and hard feed
  • Daily turnout and catching
    (within 22 acres of post and railed paddock)
  • Rugs changed
  • Daily check
  • Mucking out and bedding down
  • Twice daily hoof picking
  • Straw or shavings beds (Up to one bale of shavings per week included)
  • Personal secure tack locker
  • All paddock maintenance
  • Full use of Equestrian Centre facilities
  • Use of the cross country course

  • Caistor Equestrian Centre
  • Caistor Equestrian Centre
  • Caistor Equestrian Centre
  • Caistor Equestrian Centre

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