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These weekly Clubs are a very popular event where children range from age 4 upwards. They run every week on Saturday morning between 9.30 am and 1.30 pm. This half day event starts with the very basics –

  • Learning and experiencing the practical side of looking after a pony of your own
  • Learning and identifying the different parts of the riding tack
  • Learning how to groom a pony
  • Learning what and how to feed a pony
  • And of course there’s a right and wrong way of mucking out too, which they also learn.

These Club mornings are designed to be very interactive and are normally run in the active stable area itself. However, during those colder periods we do have the option of holding these sessions in the lecture room where the focus is on activities, for example horse quizzes, or identifying different grooming brushes etc.

During the morning the whole group enjoy a half hour riding lesson with our Riding Instructors and throughout the entire morning they are supervised by an experienced adult.

Please call 01472 859341 for more information or to book.

  • Caistor Equestrian Centre
  • Caistor Equestrian Centre
  • Caistor Equestrian Centre
  • Caistor Equestrian Centre

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