LESSONS - Adult Activities

We run a number of adult activities to complement the usual weekly lessons or hacks and as always you can either use your own horse or one from the Centre. The following are just a few examples, some of which are more seasonal than others.

  • Ladies Group
  • Pub
  • Adult Summer

Ladies MorningsCheck the Events Diary

These sessions have proved to be very popular indeed where we now team together riders of similar experiences. Clients who take advantage of these subsidised special sessions come for a mixture of reasons - some are returning to riding after a long absence, some ride purely as exercise, and some quite simply enjoy the social gatherings in the Forge Café for a chat and a coffee afterwards.

Simply a great way of catching up with friends and exercising at the same time!

Pub HacksCheck the Events Diary

We run these popular events as Corporate Days, Private Party bookings and indeed Open Group bookings. Clearly corporate days and private party bookings can cater for a variety of riding standards and we ensure we have sufficient helpers to assist where necessary. For our Open Group sessions we endeavour to put together similar standards of riders to ensure you get the best out of your day, whether this is active or more sedate!

These popular although irregular events are run as and when the demand arises. Typically our hack is across country, calling in at one or two public houses along the route (depending on your time frame) before returning back to the Equestrian Centre. This is another social activity where like-minded people simply enjoy the countryside from a slightly different perspective.

Adult Summer CampCheck the Events Diary

This activity is great fun! You can hire one of our horses or ponies for the camp or simply bring along your own along (subject to relevant vaccinations).

During camp we work to improve your flatwork, jumping and cross country, although it is not restricted to just those three! There are hacks, theory sessions, equestrian quizzes (extremely competitive!), talks and demonstrations by other equestrian professionals, pony club games for the "grown-ups" etc. The days do not stop there: evenings also incorporate social activities, for example Fiona’s famous wine tasting.

Food is provided from our very own Forge Café and accommodation currently is your own tent, caravan or horsebox – we can always help with this if you cannot provide your own – and of course other facilities on-site are toilets and shower facilities.

Keep a look out on the website for more details as to when they are arranged.


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