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At Caistor Equestrian Centre we have a proven track record of successfully running BHS qualifications using our own BHS qualified trainers/instructors. Typically our training programmes are divided down into a series of 2½ hour training periods, although clearly the longevity of the programme changes with the degree of complexity of the exam students’ are studying towards. As an example, our Stage 1 training runs over a period of eight weeks and the BHS syllabus is achieved by each session covering 1 hour riding, 45 minutes theory and 45 minutes practical.

We have added a further aspect of flexibility to our range of BHS supported training programmes; we now run tailor-made, stage-specific (Stages 1-4) one-on-one refresher sessions at a time and day to suit the client. The aim is to allow you to ‘home in’ on the particular areas you feel further help would be beneficial in order to become ‘exam ready’. At Caistor Equestrian Centre we have already seen the success this approach has brought.

The BHS exams themselves are designed to be split into 'bite sized' units and can be taken separately: if you choose to split your units you are able to 'bank' these and receive unit certificates: when all the relevant units for a qualification have been achieved, the qualification certificate will be awarded by the BHS. Your qualified trainer at Caistor Equestrian Centre will help you decide which process is the best for you as you work through the training programme.

Please remember that in order to take these exams you must be a member of the BHS and be at least 14 years old - their website gives up-to-date pricing and application information.

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