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Certificate in Horse Knowledge and Care

Certificate in Riding Horses

What the BHS says about stage 1: "This qualification will provide you with the competencies to apply basic principles of horse care. Working under supervision, you will have basic knowledge and practice of looking after a well-mannered horse in the stable and at grass. You will be capable of riding an experienced horse or pony in an enclosed space".

The BHS syllabus identifies how this qualification has been split into units, each can be taken individually or all on the same day.

Certificate in BHS Horse Knowledge and Care

  • Unit 1 - Brushing off horses including putting on and taking off equipment
  • Unit 2 - Horse Husbandry, Identification and Handling
  • Unit 3 - The Principles of Caring for Horses

Certificate in BHS Riding Horses

Riding horses on the flat and over ground poles in the light seat













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