Canter to Christmas 2019

Christmas at Caistor Equestrian Centre Canter to Christmas

Festive Classes For All Abilities
Sunday, 15th December 2019
Starting at 3:00pm

Class 1:

Mounted Fancy Dress

Rosettes for all and o pony hire charge for CEC Clients.

Class 2:

Horse & Hound

One round on the horse & one timed round with the dog.
Briiiant fun with fences no-bigger than 40cm.

Search for Santa

(4.30pm approximately) He will be hiding somewhere at CEC!
Meet in The Forge Café and get your first clue.

Class 3:

Pairs Show Jumping - 45-60cm Relay

The first rider jumps the course and tags hands with
the second rider.
Section 1: In-house | Section 2: Open.

Class 4:

Roll Out The Barrel

Section 1: In-house | Section 2: Open

Class 5:


Starting at 40cm, the jumps gets higher each round!
Open to all.




Entry Fees: Class 1 £3.00, Classes 2, 3 and 5 £8.00, Class 4 £10.00.
Horse Hire: First class £10.00 and subsequent classes £5.00.
Entries on the night. Rosettes 1st to 6th place in each section. Turms & conditions of entry available here.

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